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Edpuzzle Tutorial

How to Use Edpuzzle

EdPuzzle is a great tool for turning any video into a fully engaging lesson that incorporates assessments. It can be used to add questions to a video you find on the internet, or to a video you created. Many teachers use EdPuzzle to flip their direct instruction.  Learn how to teach remotely or directly with EdPuzzle, a video customization platform that will help transform video lessons into interactive experiences for students.  In this video, veteran educator and educational influencer, Alicia Verweij, shows teachers how to sync EdPuzzle with Google Classroom, how to create video assignments with custom edits, and questions.

Communicating stakeholders

Communicating with Stakeholders

In this video, I discuss the importance of personalizing the communication with stakeholders in school. I focus on communication with parents by using face-to-face video chat to ensure that the parents have the ability to make a connection with their child’s teacher. Also, I discuss the use of video for faculty meetings and the need to see the teacher’s faces when discussing important topics to gauge reactions. Finally, I discuss the importance of communicating with students face-to-face and how to have a virtual pep rally.

Insert Learning Chrome Extension

How To Use Insert Learning With Google Classroom

Insert Learning is one Chrome extension you will find yourself unable to live without. This is a teaching tool that you’ll be sure to add to your toolbox! This Insert Learning demo showcases a great free online teaching tool that’s one of the most useful Chrome extensions for teachers that we have found!

Stress at School

How to Relieve Stress at School During a Pandemic

In this video I share 4 ways for administrators to address the stress that their teachers are enduring while dealing with school, family, and Covid-19.

Kami Chrome Extension Tutorial

How To Use Kami With Google Classroom

Learn how to use the Kami, the Google Chrome extension, and be up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Parental Involvement During a Pandemic

Staying connected with the parents of your students without the parent nights.


Fabulous, easy to implement fundraiser ideas that will rake in the money.


5 Distance Learning tools that work for any learning environment.  Are you starting the year in a Distance Learning environment? I share 5 top tools to get started and reduce stress! These 5 Distance Learning tools work for any learning environment. The beginning of the year is always tricky and with this school year being completely unconventional and even trickier, I wanted to help out by sharing these tools to help! Regardless of the learning environment you will be using these tools will help! I guarantee you will find some new tools in this video. I hope you find these tools helpful.