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VR Expeditions 2.0

VR Expeditions 2.0

In the past four years, RobotLAB was the leading partner for Google Expeditions and the only one certified to ship Google Expeditions Kits globally. Following Google’s decision to stop their VR efforts, discontinuing Google Day Dream and the Google Expeditions app, RobotLAB decided to take advantage of this opportunity and introduce VR Expeditions 2.0TM.

RobotLAB VR Expeditions 2.0™ is inspired by the great work Google did, and following feedback from thousands of educators, RobotLAB created a VR tool tailored to educators’ needs.

If you already have a VR kit, don’t let your investment go away. It doesn’t matter where you got it from, either from RobotLAB, Best Buy Education, Aquila Education, Lenovo, or a self-made kit. The good news is that you can upgrade to VR Expeditions 2.0 today!

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VR Expeditions 2.0

VR Expeditions 2.0, which was created by RobotLAB, an award-winning educational company founded in 2010 in San Francisco, is also a desirable platform option. RobotLAB started a strategic partnership with Google back in 2015 and became the largest and unique global provider of VR kits for Education using Google Expeditions.  They have been the leading worldwide partner for Google Expeditions over the last four years.

Following the announcement of Google sunsetting Expeditions, RobotLAB launched VR Expeditions 2.0 back in November 2020.  After months of testing, they are ready to reveal it globally on March 1, 2021.  RobotLAB VR Expeditions 2.0 is inspired by the great work Google did, and following feedback from hundreds of educators, they made several improvements.

  • Content: A unique partnership with Encyclopædia Britannica® to bring high-quality, curated, and tailored content, along with student hand-outs and additional teacher resources that make educators’ life easier (see example HERE).
  • Visuals: In VR Expeditions 2.0™, all the 360-degrees photos and videos are high definition, 4k resolution, and designed to bring the best of the world to your classroom, in HD quality.
  • Classroom Management – A new feature was developed allowing teachers to create playlists and save expeditions for offline teaching, without any need for internet access. In addition, teachers can create classes and track the progress per class to manage their workflow more efficiently.
  • Easy to Deploy: You don’t need access to the Internet and you don’t have to connect your devices to your school network. The VR Expeditions 2.0™ solution can run locally on each device.

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