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Usborne Books

Usborne books are a great resource that I would recommend to anyone working with children, specifically younger children.  There are numerous book sellers out there that target school aged children, but Usborne is a resource for not only children’s books, but online resources that extend the child’s interaction with the material read, and fundraising opportunities for your school.  Usborne books are not a source for purchasing just any book that has been published, they are an independent publisher of their own quality, interactive books.

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In 1973, Usborne books was created by Peter Usborne in response to becoming a parent and wanting the best book for his children and children of the world.  It is a family run business that has a global reach.  Usborne books are published under their own name (and with their iconic rainbow-coloured balloon) in French, German, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan and Chinese, as well as English.  Usborne books cover topics from STEM, Nature, and Geography to fictional stories.  Their website also allows access to over 40,000 Quicklinks to assist the reader in extending the reading experience even further.

Accessing their books is easy through their website and a most ingenious way of having people sell their books from their homes.  These personal book parties are similar to the old fashioned Tupperware parties where the host introduces her guests to the great books that Usborne has to offer and she sells them as a fundraiser.  Schools could benefit from this opportunity by using this type of sale like a traditional Book Fair.  Check out their site for more information.


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