Handbook for Reading

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Handbook for Reading

Abeka supports a phonics based reading program, and the Handbook for Reading is an invaluable tool for teaching and reviewing blends and special sounds in six easy steps. This phonics textbook presents the blends and words in a sequence that correlates with the 1st and 2nd grade reading curriculums. Ample practice and extensive review provide you with the tools to teach your child to read.

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A Beka Handbook for reading

Learning to read is easy with the right materials! The Abeka Reading Program is supported by a wide range of phonics-based language arts materials that increase reading comprehension and refine thinking skills. At the heart of our phonics materials is the Handbook for Reading. This invaluable teaching tool for the application of phonics rules may be used at any level from child to adult for initial teaching of phonics and reading, for reinforcement of skills, or for remedial work.

It clearly presents the six easy steps to reading. The consonant-vowel blends and words in this reader are arranged to correlate with the sequence in which the special phonics sounds are taught. Ample practice and thorough review are provided. By mastering the simple phonics in this book, any person will be well on his way to becoming a skillful reader.

This A Beka Reading Program is…

  • Timely
  • Thorough
  • Trustworthy

Reliable studies for traditional best practices―validated by the consistent success of millions of students over decades―form the basis of Abeka textbooks, curriculums, and other materials.

When you open up a textbook or a lesson plan, you’re seeing years of teaching experience poured out on the pages. In fact, gifted and experienced teachers develop every Abeka product.

Proven Track Record

Millions of students have used Abeka since it started in 1972, and over 250,000 used Abeka in 2017 alone.

Students taught with Abeka have competed in the Olympics, been accepted into prestigious colleges, and gone on to serve in demanding careers.  My own personal children used Abeka and have and continue to be at the top of their classes.  Trust a product that is tested and has proven itself over and over again.


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