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Pro-Bot is the latest in Logo technology. A turtle robot, cleverly disguised as a race car, Pro-Bot offers students an enticing, engaging, and hands-on experience with Logo programming as well as robotic controls. Pro-Bot commands are entered via a set of arrow and number keys mounted on the back. Programs may also be written in Terrapin Logo and downloaded to Pro-Bot. Conversely, Pro-Bot programs entered via the on-board keypad may be uploaded from Pro-Bot to Terrapin Logo for editing and storage.


Pro-BOT ACCESSORIES to enhance the learning experience:

Robot Sports Camera
The WiFi enabled Robot Sports Camera offers a modern, simple and fun way to capture images. Clear and easy to use buttons make it ideal for teachers and students alike.

• Ultra HD 4K video output / 1080p
• Still camera, video recorder and playback
• Photo capabilities: stills, burst mode and time-lapse photography
• Waterproof down to 30m / ~100 ft (with included waterproof housing)
• Super wide angle lens: 140 degree view
• 2″ LCD display
• Input / Output: Micro USB / HDMI
• Compatible with Terrapin robots Tuff-Bot, Pro-Bot, and InO-Bot
• WiFi enabled for connecting to tablets and mobile devices as a viewfinder and remote control

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Pro-Bot is a sophisticated turtle robot, cleverly disguised as a race car with Logo on board. This fun car invites students into an engaging, concrete, hands-on coding experience with Logo programming as well as robotic controls which develops planning, reasoning, geometry, and math skills. Pro-Bot commands are entered via a set of arrow and number keys mounted on the back. Plan a route and press the corresponding keypad controls. Then press GO and send Pro-Bot on its way. It includes sub-procedures and can exchange programs with Terrapin Logo via the included USB cable.

Pro-Bot is self-contained, controlled via the on board keyboard, with no need for an additional device or managing a connection.  It can hold a marker and draw as it moves.  The drawing feature give students the opportunity to see angles and other coding creativity come to life, helping solidify abstract concepts into physical ones.  With built-in touch, sound, and light sensors, Pro-Bot can be programmed to respond to its environment.  In addition to moving, turning, and reacting, it’s headlights can be turned on and off.  This little car features six different sounds and offers a world of opportunities to learn how to code.

Pro-Bot operates in two modes. As “big brother” to Bee-Bot, it can be operated in Bee-Bot mode using only the arrow keys and GO button. Each movement and turn defaults to a set amount. In Logo mode, arrow keys can be combined with the number buttons with distances entered for movement and degrees entered for turns. Students transition easily from one mode to another as their skills develop.

What’s Included:

The rechargeable robot car comes complete with USB charging cable and is ready to go in a convenient storage box. A user guide provides information on operating and caring for Pro-Bot and decorative decals can be used to customize it. Pro-Bot is a hands-on way to introduce Logo, a tool to encourage student collaboration, and an entry into the exciting world of robotics.

No connections or additional devices necessary!

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