Paired Passages: Linking Fact to Fiction Grade 5

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Paired Passages: Linking Fact to Fiction Grade 5

Teacher Created Resources “Paired Passages: Linking Fact to Fiction” Book for grade 5 and has 112 pages. Book correlates with the common core state standards that helps student to build as well as practice the skills to compare and contrast fiction as well as non-fiction passages. It provides leveled questions of both multiple-choice as well as open-ended questions that help to develop reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. It synthesizes information from 2 contrasting passages.

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Paired Passages: Linking Fact to Fiction Grade 5

Making connections is known as a crucial reading skill.  Paired Passages: Linking Fact to Fiction does exactly that.  This book contains fiction and nonfiction passages on a variety of topics; includes critical-thinking questions to improve comprehension; extends the reading by using interactive writing activities.

Each paired passage has a fictional story and one which is factual. They are both about a similar topic.  After the reading there are 5 comprehension questions which are multiple choice A, B, C, or D.  Questions 6-9 are fill in the blank by using information that they have obtained from one of the two stories.  They can come from either story.  These questions are a bit more thought provoking.
Finally – Question 10 requires the students to write a one paragraph or 2-3 sentences (it will say in the directions) on a separate piece of paper (also in the directions) which causes the student to think and make a connections to what they have read with something in their personal life or life experiences.

In hope that students can function well within society, evaluate the validity of information available, make better personal, business or leadership decisions, scholars and educators (Braun, 2004; Halpern, 1998; Kegan, 1994; Kalyczynski, 2001)1 have
advocated that developing critical thinking skills are essential to help students “know how to learn and how to think clearly” (Halpern, 1998, p. 450) 2 and “make purposeful judgments about what to believe or what to do” (Facione, Sanchez, Facione, & Gainen, 1995, p. 3).3 (sourced from: Developing Critical Thinking through Literature Reading)

See how I used this book to teach my students by reading the article 5 Proven Reading Strategies.  The Paired Passages series improves reading comprehension skills by providing passages for students to compare, contrast, and synthesize. Filled with content that appeals to today’s learners, the passages represent a variety of genres such as literature, social studies, and science. Each topic features a pair of passages and is followed by text-dependent questions and writing activities. By using this instructional approach, you are preparing students for a successful academic journey for years to come.

It is available for grade levels 1-8 (you can find them all on our products page).


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