Cue Robot 12 pack

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Cue Robot 12 pack

Cue From Wonder Workshop

Embrace applied robotics in the real world!

Take learning to code to a whole new level with Cue, the first learning robot designed to teach real, multifunctional code at any level of experience. Designed for kids 11+, Cue engages intuitively with text-based communication. Cue has a vocabulary of over 170, 000 words, has 30, 000 unique text responses, and comes with 40 challenges out of the box. The free Cue app is compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle, Chromebooks, and Windows 10 operating systems.

Cue teaches you actual Microsoft MakeCode language with both block-based and text-based code. You can learn coding from scratch with Cue and watch your new skills transfer to real-world challenges. We’ve also included Wonder, a state-machine-based language designed for our robots diving deeper into robotics concepts like decision making, handling sensor data, and performing tasks in parallel.

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Cue Robot 12 Pack

Cue, unlike any other robot, is an engagingly sophisticated learning robot that will inspire hours of creative problem solving!  With something for beginning and advanced coders alike, Cue can grow with the user and take coding to the next level.

Three ways to learn coding:

Cue robot engages kids as they build coding proficiency by transitioning from Block-Based coding to text-based JavaScript We’ve also included Wonder, a state machine-based language designed specifically for our Robots.

Interactive AI:  with four unique personality avatars that you can try, this robot is a comedian trapped inside a robot’s body.  Cue can chat with you about books or tell you jokes and has a vocabulary of over 170, 000 words and 30, 000 text responses.

30+ hours of play in a single charge:  uses a rechargeable ION battery for endless STEM learning.  You can Group strings of instructions together, because the robot has microphones and more.  Cue comes with 40 challenges to keep kids engaged for hours on end!

An upgraded, more interactive version of Dash. 

Premium Technology:

  • 3 Proximity Sensors
  • Real-time Bluetooth
  • IR Robot Interaction
  • 3 Processors & Sensor Fusion
  • Dual Motors & Potentiometers
  • 3 Microphones & Speaker
  • Programmable LED & Buttons
  • 2 Powered Wheels & Encoders

See it in action here.

Everyday, classrooms around the world demonstrate the powerful sense of collaboration and hands-on learning that Cue inspires in students.

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