We offer multiple perspectives and can address diverse problems with ingenuity and creativity.  We offer an array of thoroughly researched, tested, and innovative resources that keep you on the cutting EDGE of education. By remaining active in the education industry we know what’s cutting edge and have world wide connections that keeps us on top of the industry and what is working best.  By doing the research and vetting we save our customers time and money while ensuring they get data on cutting edge strategies and resources first.

We help schools obtain cutting EDGE strategies and resources that create results driven climates, cultures, and classrooms.  EDGEucating is dedicated to innovation in K-12 education, achieved through thought leadership, professional development, resource curation, curriculum development, and collaboration with organizations around the world.  You can find a full, detailed list of our services here.

As part of the education industry for decades, we have experienced the challenges and frustrations first hand. We have always been passionate about education and positive change. This is what led us to become consultants and education influencers. Helping others create the change they want to see within their schools is what we love doing. Our passion is what sets us apart.  At EDGEucating, we have led and participated in actively duplicating this innovative growth over and over again.  Get our full story here.

We don’t take on all of a vendors products.  We endorse products on an individual basis.  There are vendors that we have affiliates with that we don’t endorse many of their products.  We focus on identifying products, strategies, and tools that work best for educators.  In addition to products and services we like to endorse vendors that have great pricing and customer service.

EDGEucating participates in affiliate marketing whereby we receive fees by advertising and linking to affiliate programs or through the sale of goods or services on or through this website. We comply with the US Federal Trade Commission Rules on marketing and advertising and other legal requirements which may apply. Although we do receive commission from some items we recommend, this is not true for all products.  We also only recommend products and services that we believe in.  If we wouldn’t use it, we won’t recommend it!

Yes, we do offer the option for tax exempt payments.  You must upload your tax exempt letter when purchasing our products.  If you are purchasing from one of our affiliates it will depend on their policies, although most of our vendors do honor tax exempt payment options.  Most of our vendors specialize in working with schools and non-profits so tax exempt is common business practice for them.

Having been awarded everything from local to national grants that range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars each, Alicia Verweij knows how to win grants.  She has written 16 grants in 10 years and was awarded 14 of those 16.  From classroom to schoolwide grants, she has written and managed them all.  She knows how to tell the story and convince the funder of the need.  She shares several tried and proven strategies in her article Grant Writing Basics for Beginners.

We help teachers and schools be efficient with their time and money by vetting products and making recommendations. We do the research and testing so teachers and schools can focus on teaching.  EDGEucating only endorses products that we FULLY vet.  Our vetting process is to obtain the item and use it ourselves.  We check for ease of use, quality, price, and any other features that apply to using it in the education industry.  If we wouldn’t use it, we won’t endorse it.  We have turned companies down that wanted us to endorse their products because they didn’t meet our high standards.  As educators, we have been in the position of spending money to purchase a product that didn’t live up to our expectations.  This is what we want to prevent from happening to you.  We do the vetting for you so that you can buy with confidence!  You can check out our endorsed products here.

We specialize in helping educators obtain cutting EDGE strategies and resources that create results driven climates, cultures, and classrooms.  Staff morale, budget constraints, identifying resources to address technology needs, and lack of innovation are all things within our wheelhouse. We specialize in STEAM, project based learning, educational technology integration, and climate and culture improvement.  We have addressed these problems, with success. These issues are often seen as overwhelming to address, but we offer fresh perspectives that can motivate and excite stakeholders.

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