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Our Services

Teaching Strategies & Programs

We offer instructional coaching to help teachers become engaged in creating positive change in their classrooms, students, curriculum, or themselves.

Vetted Teaching Products

We help teachers and schools be efficient with their time and money by vetting products and making recommendations. We do the research and testing so teachers and schools can focus on teaching.

Personnel and Budget Support

We provide ways to prepare your personnel to be teachers of the future on your present day budget.

Climate and Culture Support

We are here to assist school leaders in creating a climate and culture in their school that is purposeful and energized. A positive climate and culture makes school a safe place to engage in risk-taking, while creating a climate of inclusion.

Our Clients Say It Best

I had a brand new set of state mandated outcomes to teach along with regularly integrating technology into my lessons. With Mrs. Verweij’s help and support my classroom is finally in the 21st century!

D. Martin
My children were excited about being a part of the programs Mrs. Verweij and Ms. Wilder implemented at their elementary school. They were motivated to try new things with a sense of wonder and curiosity rather than a fear of failure.
K. Fletcher
I can always rely on you to suggest the best class products.
K. Ledet
These two accomplished educators have a wide-range of skills available to provide support with error analysis and creative solutions. Their no-nonsense approach, coupled with their forward focus, will guide your team through the change necessary for growth toward a positive culture, overcoming and eliminating barriers that threaten to keep you from your greatest accomplishments.
A. Dana
Amazing Team! Professional, intuitive women with academic success at the forefront. Introducing OSMO and FUNecole to our students was the greatest gift to our elementary classrooms. These tools paved the way for all students, on every level, to make and achieve academic goals for themselves successfully.
S. Barone


Endorsed by EDGEucating

EDGEucating only endorses products that we vet and include on our recommended products list. If you have a product that you love, please send us an email. We would love to vet it and post it for others to discover. We want this to be a place where you can purchase with confidence!

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Articles & Videos

We offer an array of thoroughly researched, tested, and innovative resources that keep you on the cutting EDGE of education. Our goal is to save you time and money while making you highly productive. We do the vetting for you.

About Us

The EDGEucating team is where passion for education and innovative results converge!

Alicia Verweij

Education consultant with 10+ years experience in corporate America, successful business owner, 12 years of teaching experience in various grade levels, professional development leader and business consultant.

Kerri Wilder

Education consultant with 25 years of elementary and secondary experience in Mississippi public schools as a teacher, professional development coordinator, and as an administrator.  License endorsements include Elementary Education (4-6), Middle School Science (7-8), English (K-12), Mild/Moderate Disabilities (K-12), Psychometrist, and Career Level Administrator.

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